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Prof McNicholas is a BUPA “fee assured consultant” and an “AXA PPP approved consultant”.
He is also recognised by all the major insurance companies.

Initial consultations for self pay patients are generally of 40 minutes duration and cost £220.00. Second opinion consultations and complex prolonged consultations cost £250.00. Follow up consultations cost £150.00. Please ring 01462 683814 if you require any further information.

There will be a few preliminary tests eg measurement of blood pressure, testing of a urine sample and flow rate tests (usually charged for by the Hospital) and then an assessment of a simple urinary score sheet followed by a consultation with Professor McNicholas, during which he will listen to your story, ask questions to elucidate more detail and then will examine you.

If possible and where relevant, immediate ultrasound scans will be performed, so that in most cases a complete plan of treatment and a plan for future management can be discussed and agreed at the time of the consultation. Trans rectal ultrasound scans cost £160.00 and bladder and trans abdominal scans cost £100.00

You will receive a full medical report detailing your medical history and then the specific urinary condition that you requested advice about will be reviewed in detail. Results of the examination and the tests will be detailed and then a plan for future management will be outlined. This report will be sent to you, but also to your GP as a record for both of you. We like to ensure that we are all agreed on what was discussed and on the plan for the future.

Aviva patients please note that consultation fees are usually paid in full subject to any individual policy agreements, but that there have been recent changes in reimbursement fees for surgical procedures.

Please ring Yvonne Treadaway,
Private Secretary to Prof McNicholas
on 01462 683814 regarding any queries or quotes.