Tom McNicholas has written widely on many aspects of urinary disease. He is particularly in demand for teaching on benign prostatic disease and urinary symptoms. He has major interests in the management of prostate cancer, the treatment of urinary stone disease and in making common urological investigations (especially prostatic biopsy) both painless and safer.
He has written over 150 major scientific papers which can be reviewed in the bibliography. Most recently he has been lead author of the chapter on Benign Prostatic Disease in the latest addition of Campbell’s Urology. This 4 volume textbook is the “bible” for urology and is used by urological experts worldwide. He is one of only a small handful of British urologists to have been recognised in this way.

The Innovation in Urology day TOM MCNICHOLAS MARCH 10, 2016

TOM MCNICHOLAS MARCH 10, 2016 Each year the RSM Urology Section hosts a programme of scientific events with national and international speakers exploring issues of interest to urologists. The ‘Innovation in Urology’ day organised by Tom McNicholas and Rik Bryan and sponsored by The Urology Foundation (TUF) on Friday 26 February 2016 was aimed at illustrating current innovations, exploring the process for generating ideas, their implementation and development by industry or funding bodies and how those championing new developments should interact with the regulatory process, especially NICE.

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